The Advantages of Frosted Glass Office Partitions

There are multiple types of office partitions available in the market to choose from. Thus, it is challenging to make a decision on which partition type is ideal for your office.

Once you have decided on the type of a partition to go for, the next challenge you encounter is choosing the texture and color.

One of the best choices to go for is frosted glass dividers for offices. Frosted glass partitions come with multiple benefits such as:

Added Aesthetics

If you have appreciated the look and beauty of glass partitions in an office, but always wished they would look more interesting, then a frosted look is ideal for you.

Once a frosting film is applied to a glass surface, the glass takes on sandblasted or an etched look.




Despite the area that frosted glass partitions are used, they can withstand the obvious wear and tears of daily use. The frosted film applied to the surface of a glass wall partition does not bubble, curl, or shrink due to cold, heat, or even water.

In case of an accidental breaking of a frosted glass partition, the film holds all the glass shards in place until the partition can be replaced. This makes frosted glass office partitions a safe option for a workplace.

Easy to Maintain

Frosted glass partitions offer the benefit of being easy to maintain. They can be cleaned easily and quickly. The front part can be cleaned like any other glass windows while the back can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Water has no negative effect on the film. The film can be removed without leaving glue-like residues on the glass surface. It can also be removed without tears.

Enhances Privacy

Many people shy away from installing glass partitions in their offices as they may put employees in full view of other people.

However, using frosted glass partitions for your office will give your employees privacy while at the same time allow maximum light to penetrate.


Frosted glass partitions are fortunate enough to fit in every décor and style that can be found in an office. Whether your office leans towards traditional and older styles, or it has just undergone renovation with up to date and new fittings, frosted glass partitions can tie the look together.

Frosted glass can be precut with logos, signs, and any other preferred designs. This assists in adding an extra and creative flair to an office.

Everyone wants to have an elegant and beautiful looking office, and that is where frosted glass office partitions come in handy. Frosted glass partitions are a great alternative to traditional drapes, blinds, or curtains.

You can install it either as a factory-made frosted glass, or simply install a frosted film to an existing glass partition.

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What To Do When Buying An Aluminium Door For Your Entryways

So you have been thinking going for a door replacement and installing an aluminium door to your home’s entryway because it will protect your loved ones, last longer and can be great looking? Well, we can’t find a fault in your choice as it does seems to be a great option these days.

But if you are stuck on how to go out there, buy it and install it then this useful article will help you because it’s created to help the new buyers make a wise decision. We hope you’ll like it.

  • Go Online

Do not go to the local marketplace to buy an aluminium door for your entryway without doing some solid internet research. If you go out to shop without doing proper research, chances are you will be easily duped and regret not taking the time.

A smart idea is to take out the time now and using internet for it. On the internet, you can research the local companies selling the doors you seek and you can compare their quality, design options and pricing online with a few clicks.

Even if you can’t find the exact product online, you can at least get an idea of what do you want from the door like how many panes would you like to install, what type of glazing of glass you prefer and whether you want tinted glass or clear glass, etc.


  • Check Energy Efficiency

The second thing you need to do is to check the energy efficiency of the aluminium door for the entryway. The higher the energy, efficiency is, the lesser would be your power bills and more would be your savings.

The model you select must always be independently tested before being certified. It should also have tighter frames. Energy efficient cores and double or triple insulating glass.

Also, ensure that the product you select has no scope for air leaks around the door as most of the leaks happen there rather than through the door.


  • Opt for Easy Installation

After you have chosen the type of product you want, ask the manufacturer’s team to come over to your house and take the exact measurements. It will save you from the hassle of getting a wrong sized door made.

You should also opt for a manufacturer that offers free delivery and installation of the doors under your supervision so that you can highlight any and all glitches on the spot and ask the competent professionals to correct them.

Do not try the installation yourself unless you have extensive experience because the whole deal may backfire on you and you may end up hurting yourself.

Here’s an add on advice – after the installation is done, buy a 1-inch-long deadbolt and 3-inch-long mounting screws to make the entryway aluminium door more secure because the entryway door is the most common target for thieves or burglars and it pays to be on the safe side. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!!

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How To Make A Landscape In Sydney Safe For All?

beautiful garden of flowers

Having a stylish landscape is a secret heart desire of most people. But people often make the mistake of not making the landscape safer for the people. Uneven walkways, plants in the way and minimal lighting are a few signs of bad landscaping that can lead to accidents and injuries. If you wish to avoid accidentally hurting people then you must follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Proper lighting: The first step is to ensure that every area of the outdoors is properly filled with light. In the daytime, the sunlight should be able to penetrate to every corner and in the night, man-made light should lead the way. Proper lighting would allow people to avoid dangerous pathways and steer clear of outgrown plants. Always consult with someone who has experience in horticulture. They will be better able to help you manage and maintain your garden.



  1. No vision hindrance: Though designing a landscape in such a manner that one thing is hidden behind the other and surprises at every corner or turn seems like a tempting idea but it will not be a good option when someone accidentally falls because he or she could not see the plant kept in the corner. It is highly advised to keep the pathways as clear as possible.


  1. Simple walkways: It is also a smart idea to keep the walkways simple, short and straightforward. Though you may have been attracted by zigzagging and criss-crossing walkways that are shown in the films or on TV, they are not a smart option. People generally want to go from point A to point B no matter how beautiful the surroundings are. So, keep it as simple as it can be.


  1. Avoid common paths for human and vehicle traffic: If you have the responsibility of designing pathways for humans and vehicles, it would be a good idea to make them different. If you don’t have a choice but to keep the entrance or exit common, you must make sure that proper signage is used to avoid a clash between the two.


  1. Good Drainage System: water clogging during the rainy season is a problem suffered by all people. To minimize its worse effect to harm you, your guests or your plants, you must ensure that you create a proper drainage system beforehand so that the water keeps on moving out of your property. Slipping on water is not a pretty sight no matter how beautiful the landscape is.


  1. Constant Maintenance: The final and yet the most crucial advice is that you must maintain the landscape constantly. Ensure that the walkways are cleaned from time to time, the plants are pruned wisely to avoid sharp edges and the plants are kept in their proper place if someone has accidentally moved them.

When you will follow all the aforementioned tips, you will not only have a landscape that is safe but it will be prettier and more human-friendly. People won’t be able to stop themselves from roaming around your property when they visit you and their enthusiasm will make you feel proud.



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Raindrops From Heavenly Skies

bbq grillHeads up for the EASTSIDE CRITTER CRAWL next week! Our friends at Lyft are offering rides between us and our Sister Bars La Cuevita (Little Cave) and Bigfoot Lodge East on Tuesday, May 14. Visit all three and get a free shot!

The guy will be your Friday DJ and this is his band. Good tunes…good times…guaranteed on Friday nights.

We are opening at 5pm on Thursday, because we just want to chill and grill. You are invited to La Cuevita’s family bbq !!!

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